Pine tree Pine tree 60x20

Natural and attractive - this is how we can present the Pine tree series.

The patina of time has left its marks on the tree lines. The combination of four types of pine tree imitation can recreate the color and graphic diversity of the genuine wooden floor.

Dimensions:60 x 20 cm

Weight: 1cm x 1m2 = 25 kg/m2

Quantity Tiles/m2:8,33
Moisture resistance Color fastness Frost resistance Wear resistance
  • The color of the floor plates is specified individually for each project.
  • The manufacturing technology allows plate thicknesses of 2.5 to 4.0 cm.
  • The weight varies between 60 and 100 kg, depending on the plate thickness.
Additional information

The plates of the Pine tree series have standard size 60x20cm and are available in four varieties of relief inspired by the structure of the tree lines.

The production technology allows  a variety of multi-tone coloring, thanks to which the floorboards imitate authentic wooden flooring.

The plates are designed to be laid independently, combining different color variants of the four models.

There are also possible layouts with products from other series, such as a combination with Shell limestone Balchik 40x20cm or with Nature stone 10x10cm.



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