In the Tips section you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the selection and laying of BETO BG products.

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What preparation is required for the foundation before laying?

Depending on the function, the preparation includes the following variants:

  • Sand foundation - for low load
  • Reinforced concrete foundation - for high load
  • earth-wet concrete mix - for medium load

What wear resistance do the products have?

The products have high wear resistance and frost resistance.
They are certified for compressive strength.

Will the plate colors fade?

For the variety of colors are used certified pigments with high light resistance, which are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Does BETO BG also offer transport of the products?

The company do not offer transport of the products. The loading, unloading and storage of plates is done according to the manufacturer's instructions.

What ist the thickness are the plates?

The thickness of the plates depends on the type, size and intended use.

  • Floor plates - from 2.5 cm to 4 cm
  • Facing plates - from 1.3 to 2 cm
  • Stair elements - 2.5 to 4 cm

The manufacturing process allows the flexible realization in terms of thickness, colors and sizes according to the requirements of specific projects.

How should the joint be executed?

The type of potting compound depends on its intended use - for indoor or outdoor use. The jointing material with paste consistency is applied with a rubber wiper.

If possible, penetrate deeply into the joint between the plates.

After some time, the joint is brushed across with a medium-hard synthetic hairbrush. The relatively dry waste is cleaned with a broom and the joint is smoothed with a damp sponge.

Common mistakes:

  • Defective arrangement during transport and storage
  • Bad preparation of the foundation
  • Poor selection of joint width and unsuitable grout (inside or outside)

The products should not be used in locations with an active acid environment and other chemicals.



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